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The Evergreen Planner Review

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

I’m good friends with one of the co-founders of the Evergreen Planner, and what originally piqued my interest in this planner is that I saw her life change dramatically. She went from being very overwhelmed to gracefully handling many responsibilities and side projects with ease. I knew that whatever she was doing, it WORKED. I knew I had to figure out what she had figured out!

So I bought the Evergreen Planner, and it launched me on a journey of not only shedding all the perfectionism I had around planning, but also learning a new way of goal setting through the ROOTED Goals system.

How my productivity has changed because of the Evergreen Planner

  • I actually regularly use my planner

  • I don’t have to use the planner every day if I don’t want to and that’s not a failure!

  • The hours time blocker - it helps me not to overwork on days when I get obsessively focused

  • My planner serves me, not the other way around

  • To build rhythms slowly because I can’t learn the whole system at once

  • To shed perfectionism

Functional things I love about the Evergreen Planner

  • Dutch Door layout (it’s the only planner I don’t get lost in)

  • Minimal aesthetic (I'm not annoyed or distracted by aesthetics I don’t like)

  • The leather cover

  • It’s intuitive

  • It’s undated

Planner Essentialism (a NOT to do list)

  • I don’t use my planner everyday

  • I don’t use all of the features, I don’t even use the annual!

  • I don’t decorate my planner

  • I use my planner when it serves me, and I don’t allow perfectionism to guilt me into trying to use it the way other people do (even though what they do is so cool!)

  • I’m building habits and rhythms slowly and eventually I hope to maximize how I’m using the planner for my needs.

We are all created uniquely by God and our brains are wired differently when it comes to planning! Knowing that it’s okay to use your planner differently than other people helps you shed perfectionism and allows you to embrace using your planner in the best way for you.

The Evergreen Planner has a free printable version of the daily portion of the planner that some people have printed out and bound themselves, so you can totally learn this system no matter what your budget is. It’s a great way to get started with the system and learn how to use it before you invest in the whole planner. Use code TAMETHATLIST to get it for free.

Here's how I use my evergreen planner to plan my week and my days. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do this, I just want to show you an example of how I use it...

How I Plan Using My Evergreen Planner

  • Do a Brain Dump (I put this in the Blank Space at beginning of the week)

  • Fill in my time-blocking hours (and take note of end time)

  • Look at my week - I have themes to my days which really helps me manage energy!

  • Write my Monday Business Tasks in the Blank Space across from my Monday spread

  • Create a To-Do List

  • Choose my Top 3 Targets

  • Review my quarterly goals and access any tasks I can accomplish this week

So that’s how I plan my weeks and days as a busy mompreneur, and I hope it helps you to see how living peacefully and intuitively while still gaining real traction on your goals is totally possible!

Again, don’t forget to check out my video on setting ROOTED goals! I had no idea when I bought the Evergreen Planner that it would lead me into digging into the ROOTED goal setting system that has completely changed my mindset and methods around goal setting.

Happy planning!

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