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Female Community.


Tired of the grind, emptiness, and competition the world of female entrepreneurs has to offer?

Yeah. Me too.

The constant barrage of what we should do and how we should do it is exhausting. Filled with unhealthy mindsets that do nothing to align your goals with God's Word, it can leave the Christian woman feeling overwhelmed and isolated. 

Guess what? You don't have to do this balancing act alone. I'm here to walk with you.

I was raised in a cult.

Yes, you read that right. That experience and the healing afterward taught me so much. I learned what unhealthy leadership and community looks like. My husband and I even have a podcast where we talk about spiritual abuse in Christianity, and run an informal ministry of giving hospitality to young adults escaping bad family situations from backgrounds like mine. 

Creating communities where people can grow and heal... kinda my thing. 

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Bailey Lemke

The Voca Society is exactly what I needed! Trying to get a business going is difficult--in a way that few understand unless they are going through it themselves. The Voca Society has connected me with women who live similar lifestyles as me...which is so fun and exciting! We have become fast friends and share resources, insights, encouragement, and just the little things of life. Being part of the Voca community has consistently fixed my eyes on my business. I am daily encouraged to dig deep and discover where God is wanting to take me with my business. I'm so thankful that I chose to step out and join Voca!


Shelby Shepherd

Loneliness hits me often in my work (even though I have an *amazing* team)—I can’t imagine how it feels for solopreneurs! When I feel that tug to reach out and try to connect with someone else who shares my passions and challenges, it’s so thrilling to have the Voca Society shortcut right on the home screen of my phone. Every time I visit the group, I walk away feeling encouraged to have spent a few minutes in the company of other business-owning sisters in Christ who are seeking the Lord as hungrily as I am. I think that’s what I love about the Voca Society the most. I can get content about business growth and strategy anywhere. But this group, with Rachel at the lead, is so sincerely set apart to Christ.

Before Covid...

Before Covid hit the world, I had a social media marketing business. I had clients. I was immersed in all the world has to say about being a female entrepreneur. 

Enter Covid - clients gone.

Depression set in. I was already feeling isolated in my entrepreneurial endeavors. But losing everything I had been working for was the tipping point. 

I had plans, but God had his. My reliance needed to be solely on Him, and not on the unhealthy mindsets I had gathered from the world. I needed my business to be built on a firm foundation.

"He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress, I shall not be greatly shaken." Psalm 62:2

So I created The Voca Society

The Voca Society was born out of a need for Jesus. In a season of discouragement and burn out, I desperately needed to lean into Him. And when other female business owners expressed their need for community as well - I couldn't leave my friends hanging!

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Ready to take a walk?

Let's go.

I'm Rachel Tenney. Christian, wife to Joe, mom to Meira and Luther, and entrepreneur (whenever I get a spare moment!). I love bougie coffee, deep conversations, and applying biblical theology to the practical issues women face in their daily lives.

...and mango kombucha. Have you tried it? Ah.mazing. 

Some fun facts

I think random facts about people are the most interesting...

Favorite Place to Think

The forest. My roots go back to the Pacific Northwest where I grew up in WA state on the coast. I love the peace and quietness of the forest. It's my happy place.

Favorite Drink

Coffee. By far! Again, the PNW taught me what a good latté tastes like, and I can never go back. I bought my own espresso machine to save money.

 Good Books

From non-fiction to fiction, I love a good book. Just ask, and I have a recommendation! I spent a lot of my highschool and college years reading 100+ books a year.

Nerd Alert!

I discovered the Harry Potter books as an adult, and am forever a fan. I'm definitely a Ravenclaw, with maybe a smidge of Griffindor. The Half-Blood Prince is my favorite book.

Introvert or Extrovert?

Extrovert! I get recharged by being around others. Deep, one on one conversations are my jam, and making new friends is the absolute best.

Now that you know all about me...

I'd love to get to know you better!

OUR Mission

The Voca Society is all about coming alongside Christian women who desire to run their businesses for the glory of God. 


The Voca Society isn't here to create *our own* mission, but to simply join in the mission God has already given to us as Christians. Mission is about first, ourselves, entering into the love of God, then turning around to share that giving, outgoing love to others.

The Voca Society exists to help women see how their businesses are connected to the broader mission of God, how to connect their work life to their life with Jesus, and how to run their businesses with excellence to the glory of God. We do that through education, gospel-centered community, and creating resources to help women in that pursuit.


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