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devotionals & bible studies

Quick Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links which means when you click the link to purchase, it does not add any additional cost to you, but I may receive a commission from the retailers for sharing it with you. Which is great, because I was going to share it with you anyway!

Beholding and Becoming

by Ruth Chou Simons

This book is hands down my FAVORITE devotional ever (and I'm not a huge devotional girl)! I've had it on repeat ever since I got it two years ago because it's seriously *that* good. Based on the theological truth that we become like who we worship, Beholding and Becoming follows the pattern of first beholding the character of God, and then follows the next day with how we can mirror Him in our everyday lives. It's been a balm for this recovering legalist who needs reminders every day that it's not about my merits, but Jesus'. The rich gospel truths are presented alongside beautiful watercolor spreads by the artist and author, Ruth Chou-Simons. I seriously wish I hadn't had this sitting in my Amazon cart for so long!


Daily Grace Bible Study Guides

by The Daily Grace Co.

I love these study guides from the daily grace company! When I am interested in studying a biblical book or topic, these beautiful guides are so accessible and they are always having a sale of some kind, so you can get them for around $5 -10 each. They have great, thought provoking questions based around an inductive method of bible study without being obnoxious about it. As someone who struggles with perfectionism and extreme standards due to my upbringing when it comes to bible study, these have been very accessible and freeing, while being packed with rich theology. Plus, they are just so dang gorgeous. As someone who is very aesthetically driven, that makes me happy. If you're wanting to dig into a book of the bible, these are a great start without being overwhelming!


The ESV Illuminated Bible

by CRossway

I never thought I would end up with a hard cover bible, but it's actually been something that has surprised me! The beautiful gold foil illustrations and hard cover on the ESV illuminated bible make me feel like I'm opening an ancient and rich story. Which is actually true! As someone who has suffered from spiritual abuse, I have struggled with reading the bible because it causes old trauma to resurface. Changing the feel of my bible from soft cover to hardcover has helped so much! And the illustrations have helped to bring back some of the wonder I had lost. The bible is 100% inspired, true history that actually took place. But this presentation has helped me to rekindle the romance of the story as well. Fairy tales call to something inside of us that we long for, and that should point us to the reality of a bridegroom who has sacrificed everything (and slain a dragon) to rescue his bride. This illuminated esv has removed many of the triggers I had and helped me to enjoy reading my bible again.


Jen Wilkin Bible Studies

by Jen Wilkin

Jen wilkin has created some wonderful and theologically solid bible study guides to the books genesis, exodus, 1 peter, hebrews, and the sermon on the mount. If you're looking to dig a little deeper than the daily grace co studies go, these study guides are a wonderful resource, and especially made for going through with a group! 


The Bible Handbook

by The Daily Grace Co.

This bible handbook is a perfect companion to you if you like to do your own bible study, but would like to have a resource that gives you an overview of each book in the bible, complete with historical, geographical, and thematic context. Look no further than this beautiful handbook for a simple and one-stop companion book to your bible study!

bible handbook.jpeg

Praying the Bible

by Donald Whitney

This little book taught me how to use scripture in my prayers and makes prayer feel so much more accessible and easy. If prayer is hard for you, you are not alone. I'm in the same boat! This tiny little book was such an encouragement and gave such practical help to a place that often feels defeating. You won't want to pass on this little gem. I also copied out his plan for reading a psalm of the day, and that has helped beat my overwhelm when trying to decide what to read on a particular day without the added shame of feeling like I can't keep up with a reading plan. 

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