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Monthly Theme

How our Monthly Themes Work

We like to use quarterly and monthly themes in our discussions in the Voca Society! Each quarter, we spend the first month setting and reviewing progress on our business goals. This helps us stay tethered to our unique business needs as we explore various topics as a group! In the remaining two months of the quarter, we take a topic (like finances) and explore theological and mindset shifts we need to make, then apply the theme practically to our lives and businesses. It's a comprehensive way to explore a theme at a pace that's attainable for us as busy women, and that stays connected to your unique business goals.


She Sells Differently
with Andee Hart

Learning to sell your products or services confidently and profitably is difficult, especially for women! It's easy for us to feel like it's icky to sell, or to not charge enough for what we do. Andee has a wealth of experience in sales, and we are excited to welcome her to July's Momentum Meeting to teach us powerful mindset shifts and tips for us as women when it comes to selling confidently, profitably, and gracefully!

About Andee
Andee and Rachel are both members of Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, NC, which is how they met! Andee is a 17-year Corporate Sales Executive and ex-Global Sales Director for a Fortune 50 company. She earned her MBA from a Christian university and has a passion to follow multiple generations in her family, following their entrepreneurial footsteps.

Andee started HartDesignCo in 2017, a candle and home decor company, that has scaled to wholesaling in more than 40 states and Canada. She is joining her creative and
entrepreneurial passions with her years of sales and business experience to launch She Sells Differently. SSD is a counter-cultural approach to sales and business and is based exactly on what has made her successful for years in corporate America - a Biblical foundation and 
authentic framework to sales and business growth that is different than what the world teaches.


How to Find Your 20%
with Rachel Tenney

Join me this month for a super practical workshop on some of the tricks and tools that have saved me so much time and become my stable foundation from which to build. This will be a rapid-fire workshop you won't want to miss! 


  • The Trello Board that saves me hours

  • How I Organize my Projects and Dreams

  • How to shoot your own branding photos (tools, process, and presets)

  • How I Plan My Quarterly Goals with The 4 Business Pillars


Taming Your To-Do List
with Shelby Shepherd

Your to-do list is probably fragmenting your focus, blurring your priorities, and hindering you from staying on track with what matters most in your life.  This makes it harder to lean into the intentional life you're craving. It's time to stop burying important tasks in a sea of non-essentials. 🙅‍♀️

This workshop will show you a better way to track your tasks:

  • Prep your planner (or free planner pages) for maximum effectiveness

  • Declutter your brain with a massive braindump

  • Sort, purge and prioritize your todo list

  • Timeblock your tasks into the context of your existing schedule

  • Learn how to select top-targets so you can make progress every day without burning out

It's time to get cozy and transform your todo list from massive anxiety-generator to an organized plan of action.

About Shelby: 

Shelby Shepherd and her husband Kyle work from home together in Alabama with their two kiddos. Shelby is obsessed with education, research, and helping women make progress on their goals! She is the co-founder of Evergreen Planner, a planner designed to help women translate their intentions into daily decisions.

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