Monthly Theme

How our Monthly Themes Work

We like to use quarterly and monthly themes in our discussions in the Voca Society! Each quarter, we spend the first month setting and reviewing progress on our business goals. This helps us stay tethered to our unique business needs as we explore various topics as a group! In the remaining two months of the quarter, we take a topic (like finances) and explore theological and mindset shifts we need to make, then apply the theme practically to our lives and businesses. It's a comprehensive way to explore a theme at a pace that's attainable for us as busy women, and that stays connected to your unique business goals.


Book of the month
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Weekly Discussion Questions

July 4: Go through the Rooted in Your Core Calling and Organically Growing Out of Your Context sections in the ROOTED Business Goals Workbook

July 11: Go through the Outlined for Clarity and Tailored for Your Lifestyle sections in the ROOTED Business Goals Workbook

July 18: What is your next right step goal?  

July 25: Go through the Etched in Your Memory and Developed by Providence sections in the ROOTED Business Goals Workbook


Book of the month
Weekly Discussion Questions

The 5 Steps to Lazy Genius Anything
(Listen to Podcast Episode #259 here or see the transcript here)

  1. Prioritize

  2. Essentialize

  3. Organize

  4. Personalize

  5. Systematize

August 1: Listen to The Lazy Genius Podcast Ep #259 on iTunes or on the web here. Choose one area in your business to apply these Lazy Genius principles to. What do you need to prioritize in that area?

August 8: What do you need to Essentialize in that area?

August 15: What do you need to Organize in that area?

August 22: What do you need to Personalize in that area?

August 29: What do you need to Systemize in that area?

For bonus credit, Read or listen to The Lazy Genius Way or The Lazy Genius Kitchen by Kendra Adachi for a fuller immersion into the Lazy Genius world.


Book of the month
Weekly Discussion Questions

September 5: Read or listen to Atomic Habits

September 12: Choose 1 habit you would like to solidify this month

September 19: How can you use cues and cravings to build your habit?

  • Cue: make it obvious

  • Craving: make it attractive

September 26: How can you use response and reward to build your habit?

  • Response: make it easy

  • Reward: make it satisfying

Visit this link for a simple summary of Atomic Habits