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I'm so excited you've joined The Voca Society!

...and like a good hostess, I want to introduce myself, show you around the party, and help you to feel right at home!

Just in case we haven't met yet...

My name is Rachel Tenney and I'm a wife, mama of two, and small business owner. I love bougie coffee (thanks to my Pacific Northwest roots), deep conversations, and applying biblical theology to the practical issues women face in their daily lives. I also may be slightly addicted to mango kombucha. It's amazing.

Below is your COMPLETE guide to getting started in The Voca Society!




We use two platforms to communicate as a group...


Circle is our powerhouse of a platform! It's where you can find event details and updates about what's happening in Voca, watch the video replays of past monthly zoom meetings, and ask your own questions. It's like social media but without the distractions and drama. We also encourage sharing your business offerings, freebies, and any other info that you think would be helpful to other women in the group!


Voxer is like our virtual coffee shop! If you've never used Voxer, it's like a group text, but you can send voice clips up to 15 minutes long. It's a casual place of getting to know people, and a great place to ask for prayer requests, feedback on business ideas, and just to chat about life. Every Monday I post a voice clip update about what's happening in Voca, and send a prayer voice clip to help you set your gaze on Jesus even in the midst of a busy work day.

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"It’s so thrilling to have the Voca Society shortcut right on the home screen of my phone. Every time I visit the group, I walk away feeling encouraged to have spent a few minutes in the company of other business-owning sisters in Christ who are seeking the Lord as hungrily as I am. I think that’s what I love about the Voca Society the most. I can get content about business growth and strategy anywhere. But this group, with Rachel at the lead, is so sincerely set apart to Christ."

Shelby Shepherd,
Co-Owner of the Evergreen Planner


"The Voca Society has been a huge help to me to stay motivated. Having a small side business and a regular day job too, it's easy to let things fall into "maintenance mode" and not keep pressing forward on plans and projects that will help my clients and myself. The daily advice and encouragement has helped keep my business at the front of my mind."

Anna Scovel,
Web Design


"The Voca Society is exactly what I needed! It has connected me with women who live similar lifestyles as me...which is so fun and exciting! We have become fast friends and share resources, insights, encouragement, and just the little things of life.


Being part of the Voca community has consistently fixed my eyes on my business. I am daily encouraged to dig deep and discover where God is wanting to take me with my business. I'm so thankful that I chose to step out and join Voca!"

Bailey Lemke,
Wells of Ink Calligraphy

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Are you a socially-motivated entrepreneur?


Join me via the Voca Podcast to explore the intersection of theology and work from the perspective of a small biz mama and her guests!

"I can’t say enough about this devotional... It’s like Rachel just poured me a hot cup of coffee at her kitchen table, grabbed my hand, looked me in the eyes, and pointed me back to the One who designed me to work, cultivate, create, and *need* His love to do all of this well... This is the best business devotional I’ve ever found (content and delivery!)—I just cannot get over the fact that it’s FREE!"

Shelby Shepherd,
Co-Owner of the Evergreen Planner

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the voca society

YouTube Channel

Do you ever wonder what other mompreneur lives REALLY look like? Not the glamorized perfect morning routines, but the real day-in-day out?

Or do you wonder how the gospel and theology apply to your worklife? 

Come join me as we explore these and many other themes on YouTube!

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