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How I Overcame Adult Acne Naturally (It’s NOT Through Diet!)

It was both embarrassing and exhausting. Here I was, a 27-year-old woman, and still struggling with acne. It was exhausting because I spent almost an hour every. freaking. day. doing my makeup. And it was embarrassing because I kept telling myself that this was the year it would go away, right? It was just leftover from my teens and would work itself out… But year after year, it didn’t.

I was so jealous of the girls who could go without makeup. They seemed so free and confident to run out the door if they wanted to. I didn’t feel like I had that luxury, because my acne killed my confidence.

I tried everything I could think of; from prescription medicated face washes to cutting foods from my diet. I drank more water. I bought natural makeup.

I felt so embarrassed by my skin that I refused to leave the house or see friends without a full face of makeup. I compared my skin to others’ skin and felt inferior.

I remember the thoughts I had when I first saw the Mother Dirt probiotic face wash advertisement come through my Facebook feed. Do I even care to try another thing that probably isn’t going to work? I thought to myself. But over the next few weeks, I kept seeing the ad.

Okay, but this is my last-ditch effort, I thought. If this doesn’t work, I’m just gonna give up and accept this as my life from now on. I put a few items in my cart and checked out.

I didn’t know it then, but that decision would change my skin forever. Within a few weeks of using their foaming probiotic cleanser, my face cleared up, and it’s been clear now for about two years.

I don’t really know how to put into words what a difference clear skin makes. I think my favorite thing is just not having to worry about it. I can focus on the stuff that matters to me, instead of spending time and energy doing my makeup every day and experiencing social anxiety about my skin.I have also been able to embrace my natural beauty more and get comfortable being around people sans makeup, something I always wanted for my emotional health.

I do believe that diet can be a large factor in acne, but I had only seen minimal improvements with strict diets and that just wasn’t how I wanted to live. I didn’t want to fear eating a chocolate chip cookie once a week because I knew my face would pay for it the next day.

Why does it work? Our skin is a delicately balanced organism that needs good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria. Putting the wrong stuff on your face (cleansers, soaps, makeup, etc.) can throw off your skin’s microbiome, causing acne. Mother Dirt’s products are gentle and work with your good bacteria to help your skin do its job.

I don’t like thinking about my past with acne, but I’m sharing my experience because I remember how hard adult acne was for me, and I want others to find the freedom I’ve found. This won’t work for everyone, but it might work for you.

Here’s a referral link for you to use that gives you $15 off!

Mother Dirt Shampoo and Cleanser

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