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Just Show Up

I’ve been reading The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield and something she said rang true for me.

I know I can’t save anyone. Jesus alone saves, and all I do is show up. – The Gospel Comes with a House Key, pg 24

One of the things I’ve been struggling with lately is ministering to others. Sometimes I just feel dried up and selfish, like I don’t have the emotional capacity to give. And because I hate feeling like that, I hide from ministry opportunities, telling myself I just don’t have the strength.

This quote gave me a new perspective. I’m not here to save anybody. I can’t fix their problems. I can’t offer all the emotional support they will ever need. Trying to do so just places a weight on me that is too heavy to bear. Instead, Jesus just wants me to show up. Just be there. Just listen. Just do what He gives me the grace to do in that moment and within the boundaries and limitations he’s given me in this season.

This kind of perspective frees me to love others without shutting down. It forces me to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit because I’m not waiting until my tank is full, I’m just showing up to see what God will do for them… and for me.

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