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Gospel Community for Female Entrepreneurs

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Does Your Hustle-Weary Heart Need More Jesus?

Mine Does!

Join The Voca Society, a thriving group of like-minded Christian business women! Our passion is to apply a biblical worldview to every area of business - marketing, finances, time management (and soooo much more!), while also learning to keep Jesus central in every moment. And we explore this as a community! With all business levels (from barely begun to full-fledged) and all walks of life, this group is a vibrant place of sharing, collaborating, and building one another up. It's like a coffee date with your besties meets business bootcamp, with love for Jesus at the center of everything.

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"I can’t say enough about this devotional... It’s like Rachel just poured me a hot cup of coffee at her kitchen table, grabbed my hand, looked me in the eyes, and pointed me back to the One who designed me to work, cultivate, create, and *need* His love to do all of this well... This is the best business devotional I’ve ever found (content and delivery!)—I just cannot get over the fact that it’s FREE!"


Shelby Shepherd,
Co-Owner of the Evergreen Planner


If you are a Christian woman and entrepreneur who cares deeply about...

  • Living every area of your life intentionally for Jesus (including your business!)

  • Aligning your business practices to reflect your Christian worldview

  • Grace-fueled living (not driven by legalism or shame)

  • Working from a heart posture of reliance on Jesus, not working out of your own strength

  • Applying God’s Word to your everyday business life

✨ I have exciting news for you! ✨

You are not alone. Join a growing movement of Christian women who are intentionally growing together in applying their faith to their everyday business lives.

The Voca Society is your one-stop resource shop for whatever you need as a Christian woman running her own business.

Check it out! 👇


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I'm Rachel Tenney

Hello There!

I'm a small business owner, wife, mama, and most of all, Jesus follower. My passion is practical theology - applying theology to my everyday life! 

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I went looking for devotionals and other resources about applying my faith to my unique lifestyle as a Jesus-centered female entrepreneur and was surprised to find very little. 

I eventually started The Voca Society out of my own need for community as a female entrepreneur, because just as we aren't meant to live life in isolation, neither are we meant to do business in isolation! If you are a socially-motivated woman, you need a community that shares your faith and worldview. So I started The Voca Society to do just that!

Our Subscribers Are Saying...

"It’s so thrilling to have the Voca Society shortcut right on the home screen of my phone. Every time I visit the group, I walk away feeling encouraged to have spent a few minutes in the company of other business-owning sisters in Christ who are seeking the Lord as hungrily as I am. I think that’s what I love about the Voca Society the most. I can get content about business growth and strategy anywhere. But this group, with Rachel at the lead, is so sincerely set apart to Christ."

Shelby Shepherd, Co-Owner of the Evergreen Planner

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A Community for
Jesus-Driven Female Entrepreneurs
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